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Representative Matters

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We represented a product manufacturer in Orange County that was experiencing declining profits and some other difficulties.  The original owners had passed away and the people who inherited the company wanted to sell it, but would not be able to obtain a good price if it was sold while the business was not performing well.  We assembled a team of professional advisors for the company who helped the owners turn the business around and become much more profitable.  It was then possible to find a buyer for the business that was willing to pay four times more than its appraised value before the turn around was implemented. We represented the company throughout that successful turn around and sale process, including negotiating the transaction with the buyer and navigating through multiple business and legal issues that had to be resolved in order to complete the sale.

Successful Turn Around and Sale of Product Manufacturing Company

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While representing a software company in Orange County during an acquisition by a larger company, there were multiple shareholders and stock option holders to contend with at the target company.  Part of our process included assisting with the retrieval and organization of numerous required legal documents to move forward with the transaction.  We negotiated the transaction with the acquiring company and its attorneys from a large international law firm.  Extensive due diligence and negotiation was required resulting in successfully guiding the company through that complex process.  We also helped the company negotiate and draft agreements for its employees who would stay with the company after the acquisition.

Sale of Software Company

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We represented a home healthcare business that operated in both southern and northern California.   We helped the company assemble a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to advise on structuring and completing a large and complex transaction that required extensive planning and negotiation with the buyer and its attorneys at both a large international law firm and a California firm that advised the buyer on healthcare regulatory matters.  We also helped the company navigate through an extensive due diligence process.  The transaction was ultimately successfully completed after over six months of planning, negotiation and regulatory compliance. 

Sale of a Home Healthcare Business

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We represented a transportation services business in California in its acquisition of a competing business.  We advised the company on structuring the acquisition and negotiating the transaction with the target company and its legal counsel.  This asset purchase transaction included negotiating and drafting documents for the owner of the target company to provide consulting services for the buyer and for the target company to assign a sublease to the buyer.  The transaction was successfully completed and the company was able to then significantly expand and grow its business.

Acquisition of Transportation Services Business

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We represented an insurance brokerage company in southern California that was experiencing a disruptive shareholder dispute.  We advised the company on ways to effectively operate during that dispute and ultimately successfully resolve that dispute via a buy-out transaction in which one shareholder was bought out of the company.  We helped the company negotiate that transaction with the selling shareholder and his legal counsel, while also advising the company how to navigate through multiple challenges before the dispute was resolved.  The entire process took over two years, but we were able to help the company prevent the dispute from forcing a dissolution or sale of the company and the additional time enabled the shareholders to resolve matters without causing needless financial harm to the company or themselves. 

Successful Resolution of Shareholder Dispute

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